Fitness Buddy+: Gym Workout Exercise, Home Trainer App Reviews

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I recommend this app to anyone who is trying to get fit!!!


The best out there


I love this app, very useful.

I paid for this already

I paid for this app and have been using it for years now it wants me to spend more? Come on...

Used to be Super App!

The updates are horrible. So confusing. Deleting. It was a very good app. Too much going on with the app and lots of marketing tho Im sure I paid for the app but not premium services. Bye.

Great app

Great app! All kinds of exercices!


Not worth $10 a month. Ive had this app for years. A recent update requires you to pay for some of the simplest of workouts. Deleted!


Ive created my own workouts on this app. It really helps to keep me focused and not just walking around the gym wondering what to do. I work better with a plan. This app helps me do that.

Great App

Custom routines are still available, they are now just buried beneath layers of menus and prompts to buy the new service. I really miss the old simpler version that was to the point and easy to use during a quick workout. Now we have a clumsy Swiss-Army app that tries to do everything and becomes cluttered.

Bring back the custom workouts

This app used to be great. And I preciously paid for this app. Now they want me to pay more again. The worse part is they took away the custom workout feature (Im guessing unless I want to pay-up again).

Pocket trainer

Great for planning ahead or on the go workouts in or out of the gym.

Great app

Good for keeping yourself in check.

No Better Fitness App

There is no feature you can think of to add to this app. There are plenty of exercises and workouts to use. This is an overall GREAT APP. The update adds better visuals, and better usability.

Still the best fitness app!

I went from the gym to working out at home again and hadnt touched this app for awhile except to track my results. I logged my Zumba workout today and decided to look through the workouts and see if there was anything I could do from home. To my pleasant surprise there was a female weight loss workout that I was able to do with the equipment I have here at home (dumbbells). Not only was it a good workout but it included a lot of moves I would do at the gym using different methods so it was nice seeing variations and trying new things. The next nice little surprise was the countdown timer between reps. I didnt realize it until I switched apps during my workout to set a timer. It alarmed and I was like what was that! From then on I realized it counted down the 60s rest for me each time I entered my log. I saw another post that says its not good for tracking because you cant see your previous workout. I do remember that being a problem when I was going to the gym because I would do multiple sets of the same workout but with various weights so I always had to look up the previous day before starting. If you are using the same amount of weight on all reps you can push the "load last set" and it will enter the last set you did for that workout. I also noticed that the date was at the top with arrows during my workout. I would assume I could go back and look at the day before etc that way but I did not try it. I did not have any problems with the app crashing as I went to other apps. I just opened it back up and continued on without any problems so I assume that problem has been fixed. I have a lot of apps for fitness and this one gets used daily! I love it! It has so many great workouts and detailed logging options to track my progress. Its very useful and motivational.


Used to love this app. But now the notes arent working. App closed out in the middle of a workout. Glitchy not working properly. I wish I could see past workout weight more easily. I cant edit an workout after saving it need to be able to edit more. Used to be good but now Im questioning it


Use it everyday

Best apps ever

This is a really good apps. I honestly dont have training but with help of this app I felt like I have a real personal trainer. I love it!!!


I used to love this app. Now it has deleted all my custom workouts, trying to force me into purchasing plans. I also find the new interface less intuitive and clunky. Wish I could go back to a previous version.


Its helping me a lot for abs workout...I use mostly for abs. Worth for what I payed.

Lost all data, ad ware, cluttered

The app lost all my historical data during one of its updates. It has become ad-ware with a "Go Premium" button on every page and sometimes up to three pop-ups in a row asking you to "upgrade". They also push custom paid workouts t plans. Its also gotten cluttered with features like location services and social sharing. I just want to track my lifts. Pencil and paper are sounding better at this point.

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