Fitness Buddy+: Gym Workouts App Reviews

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Update please

Very good app but need an update. Thanks

Very good app

Lot of exercies very well detailed!

The best available. Period.

For budybuilders and weight lifters: You wont find any other app that gets even close to this one.


Best in class

Very good!

Very easy.

Doesnt work in IOS 6

Great app! But, doesnt work in iOS 6! There are a lot of bugs!!!

I bought it in gratitude

I was so satisfied with the free version that I DONT even need the paid version, but I still bought it because Im so thankful to the developers.

Good for the price

Well documented, good for the price.

Cant edit values

I cant seem to edit my weight and rep values. Either something with the backspace on this apps keyboard or not compatible with iOS7. Eitherway please fix this. Ive been using this app for quite a while now.


Top App!

Crashes all the time

The app crashes every time I do the fit test. Please fix it or I want 4,99€ back.

Disappointed update

I use this app daily to for my workout for years. I have been a loyal user but the latest update is such a disappointment: the rest timer between sets are malfunctioning. Now it is like selling a car without a steering wheel. I wonder how this update pass through beta testing. Please fix this critical issue ASAP.

Great app

Easy to use, and customizable workouts takes the hassle out of the limited availability other apps have.

Best fitness App available

This App has everything you need for a full body workout.

This app rocks!

The best workout app ever! There are so many ways to use it. The workouts, the timer, the music, the fact that you can see a demo of each exercise step by step for proper form... 100% <3 I really and truly cant say enough good things about it. This app changed my life. 6 months, every 2nd day and Ive lost 30 pounds and my body is rock hard. My cardio and endurance levels have gone sky high too. Thank you!!

Great app, easy to use

Love the ease of use and the great exercises too


Love this app


Awesome app. The most important thing is that it shows you how to properly perform any exercise!!

Great app

Detailed. Good sharing of workouts. Lots of routines.

Great App. Bit Pricy

Its a great app.

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